Wound closure techniques


Wound healing

  • the inflammatory phase
  • the proliferative or granulation phase
  • the differentiation or maturation phase

Surgical techniques

local anesthesia


在这部分提到了一个技巧“The blade is simultaneously angled to create a slight bevel”,其目的在于“The bevel created by the angled bias of the blade facilitates tissue eversion when the wound margins are approximated”, 故这个bevel应该是有上端斜向病变组织,下端斜向正常组织,切除病变缝合时皮肤会拱起形成外翻:

bevel created by the angled bias of the blade

soft tissue technique

  • single-prong tissue hook在缝合及潜行分离中的应用有助于减少组织损伤,在潜行分离中利用中指感受分离深度有助于保持在同一层面:
single-prong tissue hook 2.jpg
single-prong tissue hook used in underminning
single-prong tissue hook.jpg
single-prong tissue hook used in wound closure
  • 术中皮肤扩张

Wound apposition

  • suture
    • intradermal sutures. 注意深度:
intracuticular continuous.jpg
intracuticular continuous
  • Wound repair with tape
  • Staples

Suture materials

suture charecteristics

ideal suture chartecteristics.png
ideal suture material charecteristics
definition of terms.png
definition of terms
  • inflammatory response: Chromic and plain gut sutures are associated with significant tissue reactions;a variety of synthetic absorbable suture fibers are absorbed by simple hydrolysis, which is associated with limited inflammation. Nonabsorbable fibers do not undergo local degradation and elicit the least inflammatory response.
a regional guide to suture selection
regional guide to suture selection
  • natural fiber suture
  • synthetic fibers
    • absorbable synthetic fibers
    • nonabsorbable synthetic fibers
Natural fiver suture
natural fiber suture
nonabsorbable synthetic fiber.png
nonabsorbable synthetic fibers
absorbable synthetic fibers.png
absorbable synthetic fibers
  • suture needles
  • tissue sealants
    • fibrin sealants
    • tissue adhesives
needle point types and applications
needle point types and application
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